About Me

My name is Arturo Gonzalez, and I have been in the Tiling Business for many years. This is the third Generation of my family that has been in the Tile Business, and we are expanding to the full Denver Metro Area and beyond.  I am very passionate about our community, and am very passionate about Tiling with Excellence and Efficiency to meet your Tiling needs the way you want!

Why Choose Us

Tile It  is a business dedicated to Excellence. We are committed to providing a Clean Tile Instalation experience. The job will be clean, well organized, and well done to your expectation of the final product. After the consultation, we will make sure to do proper preparation so that the proceedure will be as efficient and easy as possible, taking into consideration all of the highest quality options like Water Proof Protection, or heated floor options. Lastly, we will stay at the job till it is finished and accomplished to your standards of an excellent product. Thank you for chosing Tile It , as you will not be dissapointed!